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“I’m miles from where you are…”

Had a long day yesterday and a short day today.  Only have some tedious homework left to do… I’ll put that off a little longer and then do it… early.  Haha.  But if I don’t stay on top of things now, they’ll pile up on top of me later!  There is no rest for the wicked!  Come October things will be crazy, so this easier week is not going to be taken for granted!

I really do love it here.  I love the coffeeshop.  I love spending a long time on its porch with roommates and friends listening to new music and reading a classic book because it’s my day off honors reading.  Life at the Bottom by Theodore Dalrymple.  Yes, finally getting around to reading it, highlighter in hand (thanks, cowboy, you have converted me!) and quoting it to people who have no idea what I’m talking about…  It’s awesome!  For example: “The prisoner’s public presentation of himself often takes on a curious resemblance to the portrayal of him by liberals.  ‘You want me to be a victim of circumstance?’ he seems to say.  ‘All right, I’ll be a victim for you.'”  Good book.

And my job on campus is going to be fun!  I’m being “thrown into the deep water” as Dr. P says, but that’s way better than having to check spreadsheets against chem supplies like SOMEone I know…

Turns out I’m kinda exceedingly busy, between homework, classes, and hanging out with friends.  Busy is good, for the first time in my life.  I’m liking it.


[song: Set Fire to the Third Bar, Snow Patrol]


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Daily Drawing

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Daily Drawing


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Made it through week one!  Very happy in my major.  I think this is the place for me.  Also we watched Thor last night out on the quad with a big screen!  It was… wait for it… AWESOME! 🙂

I’m very busy, very tired… Weekends are a novelty for me, so I think I will take a nap, just because I can!  Waiting for a nice routine to settle in so that I can start feeling properly at home.

Reading Plato’s ‘Apology’ of Socrates.  I love the way Socrates talks.  Which reminds me, if you haven’t read Peter Kreeft’s books, The Best Things in Life and The Unaborted Socrates, go read them now.  They are BRILLIANT.


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Day 1


german class | “ich spreche ein bisschen deutch” | immersion | argentina and croatia crossroads in C-16 | someone from my hometown | koko versus timo | the parrot whisperer | honors class | the paducah contingent | “watch all 12 hours if you’re just that nerdy” | raising goats | philosophy | procrastinating tertullian | “shopping advice” | keeping one eye on a rogue mosquito all period | “pretty sure it’s the other sidewalk, guys” | speech class | scared to death | kenton versus canton | hard-to-spell last names | midwestern accents discussed on the sidewalk outside | “this is nurse paul calling to check on you” | untangling bikes from racks and locks and other bikes

Go listen to Mat Kearney’s new album, Young Love.  It’s brilliant, I listen to it all the time.  I’m not having trouble feeling like I belong here anymore…  I’m racking up a lot of papers to write in my classes though.  Ah well!  It’ll be a good challenge I think.




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Haha the title refers to the fact that we have “Focus Weekend” here in school.  Yes I am all moved in.  Yes I am waaay late on this blog post.  No I do not have any time.  Because of Focus.

It amuses me that upon entering college life, the first several days are days of just about the LEAST amount of freedom I’ve ever had….  I must admit I feel I am better at managing my time and also at making friends.  And scheduling sleeping time, which they have utterly FAILED at.  We are all walking zombies.

But rant over.  It’s also been a lot of fun… going on a “tour” and getting “lost” (no wait, lost, no quotes, that was legit!)… playing music and mind games… meeting a lot of people… I’m just excited for classes and a schedule that I approve haha.

The dorm is nice, my roommates are fabulous.  I’ve made a ton of friends and gotten closer already with some I already had.  The upperclassmen showed up today for the most part.  Freshman Churchcamp is over!  Time for college!

Strangely, I’m still functioning as though I’m on vacation.  I think as though I’m on vacation and need to act like it.  It surprises me to remember that I CAN do laundry here!  Figure it’ll set in after about 2 weeks that I kinda live here now….  But it’s the coolest thought, four years ahead of me with these people… Four years of fantastic intense conversations?  Four years of laughing a LOT?  That’s Awesome!

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Okaaay quick note!  I’ll probably be back tonight with some pictures and stuff to say about leaving… This is my last day here in Kansas in fact!  I just wanted to post this real quick as I’ll be “publicizing” this blog shortly, as a way for people to keep up to date on what I’m doing.  This is the best way to follow a blog.

Correction: This is the best way to follow many diverse blogs on different platforms.  If you’re just going to follow one blog, or you only follow wordpress blogs (that’s what this one is, in case you’re not techsavvy), or if you follow a blog using a Yahoo! widget or something, don’t bother with Bloglovin.

But I looooove Bloglovin because I follow maaaany blogs, and on all different platforms, and I’m not a fan of Google’s Blogger reader… SO!  Linkage, right here:

That’s Awesome!!




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More Foggy-Head Pictures

I moved rooms today for awhile

Kuyper loves the wolf blanket and the recliner's foot

Still the other view

He's so cuuuuute

The view in another direction

Behind the recliner

My bedding all clean and ready for college

Me reeling after a walk across the house

More of the new view

Last one, I promise

// maybe clarity will creep up on me / and reset my senses like a clock /and you’ll convince me that your reality / is a better idea than the one that I’ve got / and you’ll give me a second chance at my second chance / and we will laugh about my near miss / and the good Lord will reward my ignorance / with a little bliss / and I’ll see a welcome face in the mirror that I don’t recognise / oh I used to be, I used to be such a nice guy / but now the details are vague, it’s so strange, like a previous life / oh I used to be such a nice guy / but now you say I don’t when to admit that I’m lost / when to stubbornly insist that I’m not / oh dear bless every thought in your thoughtful head // — Paul Dempsey, Theme From Nice Guy

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Boredom + Camera + Bad Lighting

Me and the dog in the recliner I've lived in all day

The view from aforementioned recliner

Another view

A recovering (toothless) me.

I play a lot of solitaire....

I’m kinda liking the grain in these pictures.  It’s unavoidable anyway. 🙂  Might as well get over it.

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This is just a note to say I am now Lydia.2, new and improved!  Now with 100% less impacted wisdom teeth!  Pick up your copy today!  Just kidding about that last part.  The rest of it is true.  Of course.  Think I need me some lists!

Nice Things About Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Pudding.  Lawdy have mercy, I never had pudding in my life until today.  Also tapioca, which basically looks like frogs’ eggs.  Fascinating stuff, tapioca is.  Being that it’s poisonous when uncooked.  Apparently the first dude who discovered you could eat the stuff was trying to put himself out of his misery while lost in the wilderness.  But you may as well go out in style and not hungry, yes?  So he cooked it up, ate it, and… lo and behold, he lived!  We have this dude to thank for the all-time weirdest food ever.
  2. Really nice dentists…
  3. Lack of pain later, caused by impacted wisdom teeth bumping against existing 12-year molars and causing decay and all that fun stuff we’d rather avoid.
  4. Everything’s funny when you’re high… enough said.
  5. The dorky text messages you send to your best friend right after exiting the OR, spelled atrociously like so: “It’s done so delirious trying to text with dpoble visopn,” and “Feel like crap, but cab:t text anynore.”
  6. Having two mothers, three hands, three phones… see #4….
  7. Pudding…

Not So Nice Things About Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Freeeeezing ortho surgeons’ offices.  Frigid, no joke.  Also the cold leather chair you have to sit in shivering.
  2. The “pinch” of putting in the IV for the anaesthetic.  Not that bad, but I was soooo scared cause he thought my “beautiful vein” had “just danced around it.”  But we were good.  By then too I was on the laughing gas.  Which actually wasn’t all that funny.
  3. Feeling like the lower half of your face is sliding off your skull.  Plus your lower lip sticking out about two miles.  No joke.
  4. Saying a lot of semi-future-blackmail-worthy things….   And not remembered afterward unless you were telling yourself “Remember this, remember this!”
  5. The fact that the anesthesia can make girls emotional afterwards… crying for no reason when you come out.  Sheesh.
  6. Lack of wisdom.  Totally a legit concern, peoples.  Mark my words.
  7. The constant presence of wads of gauze in your mouth.

Obviously the good parts outweigh the bad parts, and all in all it wasn’t all that much to worry about.  I was pretty nervous, but now I’m kinda curious… I wonder if there are any pictures or videos of wisdom tooth extraction… I want to know how they do it!

Also it is hilarious to try and take meds when you can’t really feel anything in your mouth.  Exceedingly amusing.  And very awkward.  *awkward starfish*  Anyways.  That’s awesome!

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