Nine Days…

It’s getting closer….  Definitely hard to take in the fact that in less than two weeks I will not…be…here.  I’ll be setting up new routines.  I’ll be plotting the most efficient routes from class to class to dorm to mess hall.  (I don’t think it’s called the mess hall… oh well!  It is now!)  I’ll be figuring out when each of us four girls will get their turn in the bathroom.  Ha.  Good luck on that one…

In other news, I am now suddenly going to be having my impacted wisdom teeth taken out this Saturday.  Nervous? Yesss.  Well I was.  Then Ma said if you don’t get put under, and the dentist (surgeon?) wears glasses, you can kinda see what they’re doing in the reflection!  That’s awesome!  Now I’m kinda excited.  Still.  I hope it doesn’t hurt.  And I hope I don’t look like a chipmunk…sorry, chipmunk.  That would be suboptimal…

Want to hear a joke about potassium?  K.  Want to hear a joke about nitrous oxide?  NO.  Sheesh.  I love chem.

Speaking of chem I have it this semester.  Have I mentioned that I’m excited?  A lot.  Yup.  And also I got my engineering textbook in the mail which is awesome, plus The Abolition of Man and some other book I forget the name of.  Neato how I get to read good books instead of buying laaaameface textbooks.

Speaking of lameface, my hair is waaaay too long.  Cutting it on Thursday, thank goodness.   I mean look at this, it’s like four inches now!

Yeah I know, not that bad...

At this exact moment I am laughing at elephant jokes.   I’m going to go do that and post this.  I promise life will get interesting in nine days.  It just so happens these nine days are going to be crazy busy, probably slightly traumatic, and exceedingly boring.  Bear with us, thanks very much, sincerely the Management.

Anyways.  *awkward turtle* That’s Awesome!

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