Hullo hullo hullo, what’s aaalll this!

I have finally done got me a haircut.  Done been shorn.  Uh huh.   Them hairs.  Them are short.

Also, see that shirt?  It’s Oscar the Grouch.  I looove Oscar.  Used to watch Sesame Street.  Only I hear now he lives in a recycling bin.  P.C. and all but PLEASE.  Who can be grouchy in a recycling bin???

I have just discovered how to make my pictures BIG.  Sadly these are low-qual pictures but I promise later you will appreciate this awesome feature.  Single column blog for the win!!

I have spent a total of 17 consecutive hours with one of my good old friends (of three years in fact) from Britain.  She’s been in the States for the summer.  She talks in a nice accent and extremely quickly.  She packs extremely slowly.  And this is all you’ll be able to see of her, sadly.

Yes… the light in the basement is quite abysmal.  I’m planning on trying to take some pictures in the tiny natural light that comes from some above-ground windows down there.  We’ll see what happens.

And lastly, wisdom teeth coming out tomoz!  That’s……..awesome?


ETA: Upon doing some research, I have discovered that Oscar still abideth in a garbage can, despite embracing a recycling lifestyle.  Haaahaha.


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