More Foggy-Head Pictures

I moved rooms today for awhile

Kuyper loves the wolf blanket and the recliner's foot

Still the other view

He's so cuuuuute

The view in another direction

Behind the recliner

My bedding all clean and ready for college

Me reeling after a walk across the house

More of the new view

Last one, I promise

// maybe clarity will creep up on me / and reset my senses like a clock /and you’ll convince me that your reality / is a better idea than the one that I’ve got / and you’ll give me a second chance at my second chance / and we will laugh about my near miss / and the good Lord will reward my ignorance / with a little bliss / and I’ll see a welcome face in the mirror that I don’t recognise / oh I used to be, I used to be such a nice guy / but now the details are vague, it’s so strange, like a previous life / oh I used to be such a nice guy / but now you say I don’t when to admit that I’m lost / when to stubbornly insist that I’m not / oh dear bless every thought in your thoughtful head // — Paul Dempsey, Theme From Nice Guy

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