Okaaay quick note!  I’ll probably be back tonight with some pictures and stuff to say about leaving… This is my last day here in Kansas in fact!  I just wanted to post this real quick as I’ll be “publicizing” this blog shortly, as a way for people to keep up to date on what I’m doing.  This is the best way to follow a blog.

Correction: This is the best way to follow many diverse blogs on different platforms.  If you’re just going to follow one blog, or you only follow wordpress blogs (that’s what this one is, in case you’re not techsavvy), or if you follow a blog using a Yahoo! widget or something, don’t bother with Bloglovin.

But I looooove Bloglovin because I follow maaaany blogs, and on all different platforms, and I’m not a fan of Google’s Blogger reader… SO!  Linkage, right here:

That’s Awesome!!





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  1. first time i’ve heard of bloglovin. haha. 😀 you’re moving?

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