Haha the title refers to the fact that we have “Focus Weekend” here in school.  Yes I am all moved in.  Yes I am waaay late on this blog post.  No I do not have any time.  Because of Focus.

It amuses me that upon entering college life, the first several days are days of just about the LEAST amount of freedom I’ve ever had….  I must admit I feel I am better at managing my time and also at making friends.  And scheduling sleeping time, which they have utterly FAILED at.  We are all walking zombies.

But rant over.  It’s also been a lot of fun… going on a “tour” and getting “lost” (no wait, lost, no quotes, that was legit!)… playing music and mind games… meeting a lot of people… I’m just excited for classes and a schedule that I approve haha.

The dorm is nice, my roommates are fabulous.  I’ve made a ton of friends and gotten closer already with some I already had.  The upperclassmen showed up today for the most part.  Freshman Churchcamp is over!  Time for college!

Strangely, I’m still functioning as though I’m on vacation.  I think as though I’m on vacation and need to act like it.  It surprises me to remember that I CAN do laundry here!  Figure it’ll set in after about 2 weeks that I kinda live here now….  But it’s the coolest thought, four years ahead of me with these people… Four years of fantastic intense conversations?  Four years of laughing a LOT?  That’s Awesome!


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