Thursday Is Practically the Weekend, Right?

| meetings meetings meetings | “‘but’ is a very important word. if you see a ‘but,’ you should pay attention to it. that came out wrong.” yes it did | pouring rain and barefoot in puddles |  chilly fall weather at night | “das ist mein Vater…Bear Grylls.” | latexing on linux | speech class | “you forgot to tell us it’s sticky.” | yet another meeting | being educated on the science of Sonic slushes | using “I demand accuracy, I’m an engineering student” as an excuse for pretty much just being finicky | Mountain Dew  The Holy Grail | a paper I’m actually excited to write tonight | a quiz tomoz I am not really prepared for but I will be in 15 minutes | hey mama, hey hey mama |


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2 responses to “Thursday Is Practically the Weekend, Right?

  1. Daddy

    I’m afraid I really have no idea what you are talking about…

  2. Random thoughts huh 🙂 i like it.

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