Another week done got away from me!  Yaaaay weekend!  Fridays are again my favorite day!  It’s pretty much the awesomest thing to know I get to live here for like four years.  I think about it all the time, hanging out in the coffee shop, working in the engineering lab, running into friends all over campus…  I realized my dorm isn’t home per se–I don’t actually do much more than sleep there–but the whole campus is my home.  So awesome. 🙂

Quick story:  Someone (art major probably) made two sculptures shaped like rubber ducks and put them by a fountain on campus.  We were walking by and just so happened to be talking about something G.K. Chesterton would call “Truth standing on her head.”  Of course we call it a “pair-o’-ducks!”  Say it fast enough, look up the GKC quote, you’ll figure it out, haha.


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