You Know, Whales.

Hullo hullo hullo, what’s all this?

Well the fam has just taken off again in the fam-mobile (minivan…) after coming down here to school to see me.  Which was rather nice, actually.  Crazy to see meine Geschwister again, and nice to see mein Eltern as well.  My mommy bought me stuff (mommies are nice that way haha!) and my daddy fixed…my…fridge… THAT was exciting!  What will be craziER will be when I get home for Fall Break in roughly two weeks and get to see how the household has been changing without me!  I hadn’t realized how independent I’m getting used to being really.  But that was fun.

I stuck these whales on my door.  I named the pink one Maurice.  I like that name.  And the blue one, not surprisingly, is named…Phil.  I name everything Phil, you know.  Phil is a bit sarcastic at time, I’m afraid.  The speech bubbles change often, I make them out of Sticky Notes!

A lot of stuff has gone on, and mainly I am exhausted… I’m working out this whole college thing, and making a lot of decisions.  Things like, no more Honors community after this… things like, holy moly am I in the right major or WHAT… things like, I need to get a job at Christmas break… things like, papers and the people who grade them can kinda ruin your life sometimes… things like, nobody has power over me with an impossible standard unless I let them…  I find out lots of stuff about me.  Like apparently I do much better on my chem homework if I get my Usher on.  Wow I sound like a dork!

Later this evening I’m going to my German teacher’s house and we’re all making German foods.  I’m making…potatoes…  Pretty hard to mess those up, right?

Awesome stuff:

  • Sister sleepovers.
  • Roommates watching Chopped on a laptop, keeping up a running commentary about “French,” “Boston,” “Japanese,” and “the other one.”  These people have names I’m sure, but we don’t know them.  Also I want to try sardines sometime…
  • Food from home.  Aaaahahahahaha.  FOOD FROM HOME.
  • Realizing that like a month and a half later, this whole campus is my home and all my friends and I have inside jokes just like I have with my siblings…
  • Upside-down fridge handles.
  • Leopard-print duct tape and a crafty mom.  Nanananana boo boo.
  • Tea.  (not so awesome: plumbing problems, yaaaay freshman dorms!
Quick Story: You know how people in Britain say “Cheerio!” right?  Noooot sure whether it means hello or goodbye but whatever, it sounds cool!  Well, one night the roomies and I started saying that… and it morphed into “Cheerios!” and then I decided to say random other names of cereal.  So now when I leave, more often than not, I say, “Lucky Charms!” and whatnot.  Makes life interesting, though anybody walking by outside while I leave the room is probably totally confused.

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