Captain’s Log

Well!  I really don’t have any idea where to begin…  It’s been one heck of a week, let me tell you!  I’ve been really worn out… Some of it is behind me now but there’s still plenty to come.  The good news is Fall Break is coming!  I’ll be leaving for home Wednesday afternoon and won’t be back till Monday!  Even Fall Break is pretty booked though–haircut, chiro appointment, seeing about getting jobs for Christmas Break, what have you… It’ll be interesting…

Engineering points: Figure out how the heck I took this picture. Those are my knees in the foreground.

I started something in the middle of this week when I was really going crazy.  I felt like I didn’t have a minute to myself, and everything was buzzing around in my head and driving me crazy.  The stress level was truly skyscraperish.  So then I said, wrap that helically around an axis, and I sat down for 30 minutes and began a captain’s log.  Or something.  I wrote down everything I’d done that day, including as many details as possible, in one long streak with no pauses or breaks.  Then at the end I put in a list of things I had yet to do, and a list of things on the schedule for tomorrow.  It really helped me order my thoughts and feel on top of things, and I haven’t missed a day since.  In fact I’m about to go log today as soon as I finish this blog post!

[One of] My wonderful roommate[s] brought me one of those propeller-on-a-stick things…  I love it.  It is green and it flies fantastically!  Some cool beans right there!

Besides that, I’ve been chilling out all day… aaand not so much chilling as I attack the scheduling of interviews for our Honors class project, but hey… could be worse, yes?  That’s my motto.

By the way, these pictures are from all this week at various times… Especially this one, which was taken by another of my wonderful roommates (really I’m not sarcastic at all when I say that, promise!) when she stole my camera… heh.  A little editing and it’s actually kinda cool!

P.S. the C key on my computer has stopped working.  As well as the left click mouse button.  As well as the right arrow key.  Thaaank goodness I’m getting a new one when I get home!

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