[not sarcasm]


I didn’t MEAN to fall off the face of the earth! The past couple weeks have been rough… But I am back! By which of course I mean I am procrastinating! There is absolutely nooooo stuff I should be doing right now!

So I went home for Fall Break last weekend. We left Wednesday afternoon after class and made it in 8 hours flat. Yeah, we stopped like a total of 3 times for 5 minutes each… Actually it went pretty well! I reaaaallyyy missed driving. Got my hands on a steering wheel, and…yeaaaaaahhh. Bwahaha.

It messed with my head to be home…”home”…at home? See, within a few weeks of coming to school, I felt like IT became home, and my incredibly wonderful absolute GEMS of roommates (no sarcasm!) were like family. And then I went…uh, home? And I kinda like my house. And my dog. And having a car to drive fast (if Dad’s reading this, by that I mean “fast” as in “five under the speed limit”… riiiiiiight!). And my brother who is not too scaredy-cat to sing with me no more. And my sister who plays piano like nobody’s business at only 12. And my other sister who plays soccer and creams the opponent. And my dog. Did I mention my dog? Soooo cute. See look.

I was definitely NOT ready to come back to school and work and stresssssss. Mucho stress-o, let me tell you. I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been miserable! Nothing, nothing, nothing has been awesome! That’s saying something. I have a project in a hard class… and it’s literally been on my mind day and night, every minute, just killing me! But it’s due tomorrow, so whether we’re ready or not, it’s about to be over… It’s rough on me not having a minute to myself without feeling guilty. I’m such a miser for free time now, it’s such a commodity. That’s me, huddled in the corner, clutching a free five minutes with gnarly talons of hands, rocking back and forth chanting, “Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!”

If anyone asks, I’ve quit coffee. Mmhmmm. In spirit anyways. I mean well. It’s the thought that counts, right?

But maybe all I needed really was some contraband caffeine and 20 minutes on my guitar? Because that’s what I just did and I feel better… for now anyways! The world may come to an end at 9am tomorrow, but at least I’ve got a few minutes now!

What you don’t know is that I’ve spent all my weekend doing accursed chemistry homework… Scratch that, a short break to do engineering homework, and another short break for German. This is because the Honors class is leaving on Wednesday to go to Waco, Texas and attend a big ol’ conference. Huzzah long drives! Huzzah dress clothes! Huzzah lectures and getting lost on a big campus! (sarcasm) Huzzah staying in a hotel room with only one other person! (not sarcasm) Huzzah 15 passenger vans filled with loopy smart people! (may or may not be sarcasm…)

Anyways. I’ve been productive. And now I am tired. And going to take a nap. Which is awesome. Naps are for sissies, but awesome sissies. I’m nothing if not inconsistent!


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