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In Extremis

Let’s take a break and be serious here for a minute.

I have a bone to pick with life.  It goes like this.

I don’t want time to ever be something I’m just trying to pass.  Get it?  Like, I’m tired of thinking, “Only X more hours and today is OVER.”  Those X hours have been WASTED.  Lost.  Uncool, dudes.

I have kinda made a promise to myself that if I find myself in that situation, I’ll change it.  Then comes college.  To be honest, I’m spending a lot of time just trying to get through X hours faster.  Trying to make it to such and such a break.  And it’s already November?  I mean really!  Something is wrong with that picture.

So I’m trying to figure out how to change it.  Trying to figure out if it’s my mindset…my activities…something I AM doing or something I’m NOT doing and should… in order to fix this funk.  Life is way. too. short.  For reals.

If I figure out the magic answer, I’ll let you know.  And no, I’m not quitting college, growing my hair out, and living like a gypsy with a guitar.  Well yes about the hair part.  But no to the other ones.  It’s just bothering me how much I’m thinking, “I just have to get through this semester.”  I don’t want to have to “get through” anything, ever…

Anyways.  This is also to say, I…………am getting back into photography.  Slowly.  Gonna get me a tripod again, and start taking pictures again instead of leaving the ideas stuck in my head.  And this also means that as I start my second Flickr account… I’m going to unveil my first.  It’s been long enough, I’m emotionally detached enough to let anyone see it now.  Keep in mind, this was the first time I had ever done anything like this, the first time I’d actually used art to express myself, and it was heady and it was exciting.  And it put me in strange moods.  It was like…working out knots in muscles that had been there for so many years.  I revisited a lot of bad memories, and that’s probably why the pictures tend to be a bit depressing at times.  But it was good for me, it was necessary, it gave me the zoned feeling I used to get when I’d finish a chapter.

And I’m okay with that now.  So here’s my first flickr and here’s my second, where you’ll find me now.

And that’s pretty awesome.

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Lessons I Learned in Texas

And the weekend rolls around again!  I just got off a skype call with my family, mostly with my little sister.  She’s getting old, it’s not fair!  She can hang a spoon on her nose and make an old man face and curl her tongue in the WEIRDEST way…but she can’t do the fishy face and I can so ha!  I hold onto Big Sister Status any way I can…

I’m a little bit drowning in homework right now, but I’m thinking of changing majors to Unfocused Procrastination.  I mean, I’ve made some progress today already.  Got exams coming up I’ve reviewed for… got papers due I’m at least…thinking about…  Haha, no worries.

So this is the first post since I went to and returned from Waco, TX, namely Baylor University.  I learned a lot at that conference:

  • My school needs swings hanging from all the trees too.
  • My school really does look like Baptists built it.
  • My fellow students are waaaay higher quality students than those at Baylor… For the most part, they were a disrespectful bunch.  A sad disconnect between the speeches of the really admirable President and the people on the ground floor.
  • I really can’t take much in auditorially at all…
  • Super 8 is not a nice place.
  • The Patriot is a good movie.
  • If you dare to root for the Cardinals in the big game, YOU WILL BE LYNCHED WITHOUT DELAY.
  • It’s good to see old friends, even if it means playing a little hooky.
  • I’m surrounded by geniuses, sheesh.  And hardly a math brain among them.  Black sheep, black sheep…
  • Missing 2-3 days of classes is hard to catch up on.
Anyways, it was an interesting experience.  Probably I learned more from the 22 total hours spent crammed into a 15 passenger van with, yes, 15 passengers, AND their luggage…  Like, I love these people!  And Minecraft is right up my alley!  And I need more money so I can buy new music!  Haha…
I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving and having a breather…  It’s the light at the end of the tunnel!  Between work and the mad rush before finals (Oh dear, finals!) there isn’t a whooole lot of sleeping going on.  Never fear!  I am a bundle of ener–zzzzzzzzz.
Probably time to sign off here.  For reals, it’s not so bad.  I’m surrounded by really neat people and fantastic profs for the most part.  I laugh a lot, and that fixes things.  And I do take time to shower, so I’m taking care of myself.  Once a week whether I need it or not, as Dad would say.  But he’s not here, so I said it.  Even though it’s not true.
Two weeks.  Duh.
Just kidding.

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