Lessons I Learned in Texas

And the weekend rolls around again!  I just got off a skype call with my family, mostly with my little sister.  She’s getting old, it’s not fair!  She can hang a spoon on her nose and make an old man face and curl her tongue in the WEIRDEST way…but she can’t do the fishy face and I can so ha!  I hold onto Big Sister Status any way I can…

I’m a little bit drowning in homework right now, but I’m thinking of changing majors to Unfocused Procrastination.  I mean, I’ve made some progress today already.  Got exams coming up I’ve reviewed for… got papers due I’m at least…thinking about…  Haha, no worries.

So this is the first post since I went to and returned from Waco, TX, namely Baylor University.  I learned a lot at that conference:

  • My school needs swings hanging from all the trees too.
  • My school really does look like Baptists built it.
  • My fellow students are waaaay higher quality students than those at Baylor… For the most part, they were a disrespectful bunch.  A sad disconnect between the speeches of the really admirable President and the people on the ground floor.
  • I really can’t take much in auditorially at all…
  • Super 8 is not a nice place.
  • The Patriot is a good movie.
  • If you dare to root for the Cardinals in the big game, YOU WILL BE LYNCHED WITHOUT DELAY.
  • It’s good to see old friends, even if it means playing a little hooky.
  • I’m surrounded by geniuses, sheesh.  And hardly a math brain among them.  Black sheep, black sheep…
  • Missing 2-3 days of classes is hard to catch up on.
Anyways, it was an interesting experience.  Probably I learned more from the 22 total hours spent crammed into a 15 passenger van with, yes, 15 passengers, AND their luggage…  Like, I love these people!  And Minecraft is right up my alley!  And I need more money so I can buy new music!  Haha…
I’m so looking forward to Thanksgiving and having a breather…  It’s the light at the end of the tunnel!  Between work and the mad rush before finals (Oh dear, finals!) there isn’t a whooole lot of sleeping going on.  Never fear!  I am a bundle of ener–zzzzzzzzz.
Probably time to sign off here.  For reals, it’s not so bad.  I’m surrounded by really neat people and fantastic profs for the most part.  I laugh a lot, and that fixes things.  And I do take time to shower, so I’m taking care of myself.  Once a week whether I need it or not, as Dad would say.  But he’s not here, so I said it.  Even though it’s not true.
Two weeks.  Duh.
Just kidding.

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