Today Was Brought To You By The Letter 8 and the Number Turquoise

>.<  Day Two of Finals is complete.  *the machine wiiiinds down, and conks out*  Actually it was no biggie, just German final today, and that was fun!!  I’m going to miss that class… and the fact that Luka has been calling the girl next to me “Marge” all semester and just today we told him her name is really Megan!  Bwahaha!  


I have a lot of ideas for this blog… Of what I’d like it to be.  Or maybe it could be.  If I could own up to the world about some of my interests and things that I like and appreciate.  Sometimes I think I box myself into my own little…box…yeah…  But anyways.  Maybe, maybe not, new stuff may appear here, orrrrr it might not!  

I wrote a couple songs last night and now I realllllly miss my guitar!  A lot a lot.  Only two days and then I’m home!

And my Honors paper is actually coming along, thankyouverymuch.  I’m actually supposed to be working on that right now… Ha.  

Pretty much I’m too tired… I was up till 2 last night talking to my cowboy on the phone and you know, I can’t sleep in however much I try, so I’m going to need a little extra rest tonight!  

It should snow.  It neeeeds to snow.  It would be lovely if it would snow.  *hinthinthinthint*  




Bagels are awesome.


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