It Won’t Be Long Before We’ll All Be There With….

Phew, I’m tired…. One meeting from you know where to go through… and then the laaaast final of my first semester!  And it’s speech–no biggie!


It snowed yesterday early in the morning.  It was aaaamazing!  I was TRYING to sleep in because I had absolutely nothing to do and I’ve been staying up too late again… and I got a text from [one of] my wonderful roommate[s]!  Cracked open the blinds and there it was!  Looked like a blizzard, it looked great!  Till I thought of the driving I’d be doing the next afternoon–that is, this afternoon.  

But lo and behold it all melted way before noon!  In fact, if you’d actually SUCCEEDED in sleeping in, unlike me, you probably wouldn’t have known at all!  

Lucky thing I bounded out of bed, bounded into rain boots (for the first time, I’ve resisted resorting to them when I have my hikers… but it was wet.  And I planned on trekking) and ran out the door with my camera.  Sketchily, I went behind the buildings to the edge of campus where there are a lot of trees.  Ahhh it was pretty!


I took some pictures while feeling very self-conscious… I don’t like to photograph in public, you know? I tell myself when I finally get the money for a more “artsy-serious-photographer” looking camera, I’ll have the courage.  But we’ll see. 


Then I ran back through the parking lot and got inside and made hot tea to un-frost-bite my shutter button finger.


Okay maybe I’m exaggerating.

But snow puts me in a faaabulous mood. 🙂


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