Got a Ways to Go / But This Is Still The Place / That We All Call…


Home means:

  1. Reading a lot of books: Xenocide by Orson Scott Card; Sacred Influence by somebody (mind-blowing…everyone should read it, trust me it’s relevant); Psmith in the City by PG Wodehouse; Warranted Christian Belief by Plantinga; The Birth Order Book by Leman (also should be read by everyone); and three or four manga….
  2. Cooking a lot of stuff with sugar… and sadly, I’m no fan of sugar anymore!  College cured me I guess…actually I blame my track-running fitness-enthusiast (still wonderful) roomie.  Water water all around and not a drop to drink… It makes my mother antsy for me not to want all of the Christmas food!  Just can’t help it!
  3. Playing a lot of cards… mainly Canasta!!  And Skip-Bo and Phase 10 and maybe some Euchre. We’re a card-playing family.
  4. Speaking a lot of languages–often during the card-playing!  Or Karte spielen… or jugando… Mi hermano y yo speak Spanish, and I speak German, and we all speak some strange version of English that mainly consists of Nacho Libre quotes… “I forgeeeve you….”  It’s kind of awesome.
  5. My dog likes me best.  But he needs a bath.  This is pretty much an eternal condition–when he smells nice he’s a hermit.  When he wants to sit on your lap all day he smells like he rolled in a dead thing and then played with a skunk.  I may exaggerating.  Just a little.
  6. Lists are awesome.  Oh wait…

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