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Not bring you any message of extreme importance, really… Just your normal post! 

GPOY haha…



Anyways… I’m still working on writing, though I’m into a lot of research at the moment.  I’m rehashing Project Orion as a potential basis for some technology, working out the politics of the kind of people who would USE that kind of power… applying my Engineering-problem-solving brain haha.  I’m thinking a lot about diamagnetic levitation and superconducting magnets as well… And I’m going back into that dream-idea I’d had and remembering what all went on in it…  

Something I find really refreshing in a story–and really fun to create–is a set of slang and jargon words, abbreviations and styles of speech that the characters use.  You’ll notice, among the technicians, technologists, and engineers working on 4A, there’s a lot of slang.  “Freshies” for the new recruits, “scratch” for actual problem work, etc.  In Academia Oneira, there are various terms for the medium, also called “the jack,” or the one “under the plug.”  I think details like that and little histories inserted into the story give it a lot more life.

I’m also thinking about fiction versus nonfiction… Something I’ve experienced personally at least, is that much more communication goes on between reader and writer in a fiction context than in a nonfiction book.  Maybe this is because the best way to communicate is, in fact, to show rather than tell.  There are issues with interpretation, yes, but then again people argue about the interpretation of syllogised non-fic books as well!  

Maybe it just appeals to the reader’s conceit, though… reading fiction, you can kinda get a sense of pride from getting meaning out of the text…  Or the keys that the writer puts into your head lead you to “figure it out” or “think about it” on your own.  Which is always pleasant.  

I wonder how much of that is really intentional?  In my experience, not much at all!  I don’t sit down and say, I’ll put THESE big underlying themes into my books!  This is why fiction writing is such a powerful medium–and a dangerous one in the wrong hands.  Whatever the writer believes WILL work its way into the writing, at the very root and fabric of the words.  You can’t escape it, and you can’t “read just for entertainment” and think that it doesn’t get into your head as well.  Good writing may even be less proper sentence structure and good plot twists… and more just having a well-developed and deep-delving mind behind the story itself…



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  1. Wow, you and Jared and I all independantly wrote articles at about the same time, about the same thing…the possibly dangerous power of our writing, and how there’s really no ‘just for entertainment.’ I think this is awesome. 😀

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