Death-Head Bones and Opera Action

“CACIQUE M03 skeleton warriors face masks and protection comes from the conception of death-head bone…It can effectivly prevent from attacking by BB bomb…It is main used in field operations, military training and opera action…CACIQUE makes war esthetics within touching range.”  

These are instructions that came with a mask the could be used underneath safety glasses while playing airsoft, etc…  It looks like the lower half of a skull.  In case you were wondering whenever you run into your “enimies” here are the…

Rules for choosing shooting position:

  • Not leave shadow on some thin-color building.
  • Choose closed or unclosed window for shooting according different situations; try to avoid think in one way.
  • Try to make the exposed time shortest. 
  • Those shielding objects which can be useful at the lower position may be no use at a higher place.
  • Shooting from behind the wall, soldiers should take wall as shield objects.  The wall is on the left or right side.  Not streek on the top of wall.  
  • The right way for shooting from window is like this.  Keep an certain distance to the window, squat or half-squat, try to reduce exposed parts, shooting at one side of window. Don’t shoot antomatically.

And always remember!  “Masks which made in common materials is easy to be broken, hurt and cause in sharpen pieces under standard weight and hurt then hurt people.”   That’s a lot of hurt.


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