This year:

  1. I went to college eight hours away from home.
  2. Shortly before that, I graduated from high school (and had to take my own senior pictures…)
  3. College was simultaneously the most fun and the most hellish thing I’ve ever been through.
  4. I spent a lot of time in thought-roller-coasters.
  5. I played with light.
  6. I went to Colorado, my favorite place on earth.
  7. I read a LOT of books… 
  8. I started my second flickr.
  9. I came home.
  10. I stayed up late a lot.
  11. I cut my hair, muchly and often.
  12. I became part of a community. 
  13. I learned to do levitation pictures while petsitting.
  14. I took all of my pictures on a point-and-shoot.  Yup.
  15. I became honest with myself…in many ways.
  16. My brain exploded. 
  17. I enjoyed the last of my high school days with my good friends.
  18. I started taking pictures for the first time, privately.  For me, for nobody else.
  19. I came to terms with my blood conditions.
  20. I battled depression.
  21. I took 100 pictures in 100 days. This was the last.
  22. I competed for a full-ride scholarship at my school.
  23. I took some straight-off-the-camera shots that were really just lucky breaks but kept  the magic alive.
  24. I got broken, fixed, re-broken, re-fixed, re-re-broken… you get the idea.
  25. I found a passion.  Oh man oh man oh man.
  26. I spent WAY too many hours on GIMP.
  27. I came home and started taking pictures again after a long hiatus.
  28. I was very tired and usually sick.
  29. I had a lot of rough nights.
  30. But I remained just as much a sarcasm-speaking, movie-quoting, face-making, fun-loving dork as ever.







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