"That's Awesome!"

I picked up a nickname at work... this is the story:  So we've got a dishwasher, right?  In the back, 
typical fast-food joint... But you forget, I have never seen a dishwasher such as this before!  I am 
standing in the back one night when G (because his full name won't fit on the name tag, no joke) comes and 
runs the dishwasher.  The dishwasher...from Star Wars.  The noise, the up, the down, the automaticness, its
general resemblance of a droid....  Had my name written all over it.  And "That's Awesome!" was written all 
over my face, too (I might have said it a few times...).  After that, and after G had told Every. Single. 
Employee. the story at least four times in the following week, nobody called my by my name.  They'd just 
say "That's Awesome."  Walking by me, "That's Awesome!"  Closing a door, "Hey, That's Awesome!"  And as I 
left on Friday with my final paycheck, Juan-of-the-straight-face waved at me over the custard machine.  
"Bye, That's Awesome."  It made me smile.  

As for "Logically Inconsistent."  It is another of my catchphrases, "I am nothing if not inconsistent!"  
However, I value efficiency above all, and only slightly second is  logic.  I always have good reasons for 
my inconsistencies.  It aaaaalll makes sense in my head.  Don't worry.

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